Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Feng ZhengJie

These paintings make me feel longing. It's the color, how they're lit up, and their vacant eyes. They pose and say look at me.

The MFAH in Houston is currently running an exhibit that they're calling: "Red Hot--Asian Art Today." Well, okay, if you want to go with that title. Here is a little about the artist. His name is Feng ZhengJie, and he is about my age. I'll call him my contemporary, but he's much more interesting. See for yourself.

from the Goedhuis Contemporary--
Feng Zhengjie was born in the countryside of Sichuan Province in 1968. In response to the explosive development of China's entertainment industry, Feng creates works that serve as a commentary on the new glamour and fashion of today's society. His works also reflect a personal ambivalent fascination with and an aversion to Chinese pop culture.

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