Monday, July 25, 2005

Who Keep Up With Me Through My Blog

For those of you who keep up with me through my blog, I am presently watching the delectable "Dangerous Liaisons." I am presently getting dumber each day (from watching so much TV).
Things I would like to do if I found time:

1. Sit on a stone bench next to John Malkovich while his hair is tied in a limp black bow so as to feel dangerous.

2. Take French and Spanish while eating olives and drinking scads of wine.

Interruption for good quote from Miss Glenn Close:
"You'll find that shame is like pain--you'll only feel it once."

3. Find the Houston Opera (I'm detecting a theme).

4. Embroider.

5. Run a race.

6. Get a dacshund.

7. Buy a modern, energy-efficient, earth-friendly condo with a roof garden.

'nother quote
"Men enjoy the happiness they feel. We can only feel the happiness we give."

8. Scratch that. Build a roof garden.

9. Make pottery.

10. Pick up a book.

11. Drink tea.

12. On a blanket.

13. In the sun.

Enter Keanu Reeves. He's in this movie?

14. Paint on some canvass with acrylics on my fingers.

15. Be a joiner maybe, less of a shut-in.

Okay, so classes and clubs and general hobby suggestions are yours to give to me. If you are female, you should feel great happiness from this gesture. If you are a male, I will kiss you or hug you or something.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I miss the cold. It's been warm and sultry too long, and I won't get a winter this year. It must be perfect in the Carolinas. My dreams lately have been spent in tussles with the weather. I'm rolling in waves and can't touch ground. I'm running a marathon and beating the boys; then the ground is thick-cut grass over a marsh, and my sneakers sink; storms come to take me into the water. Last night I was in my grandfather's house, and he was there. I wanted to live with him, but people were leaving the city. I glimpsed the sky and saw storm clouds urine yellow and black in shapes like pencil drawings of falcons.

I've never dreamt about waves before, so much water in these dreams. Maybe my psyche is soaked because I live in a city with no drainage. The roads are flood plains. I used to go up high in the sky in my sleep and be afraid of falling. Now I'm in tussles. I feel like drawing or going for a walk on the beach without having to turn around and come back.