Saturday, March 29, 2008

new home

It's been a busy March. My girlfriends and I kicked it off by hosting a baby shower for Michelle at her lovely home in Dallas. Last week we celebrated Match Day for med students all across the land. Envelopes passed out, "one, two, three," presto, they learned where they'll spend the next four years. (Stephanie got Dallas, and Heidi got Chicago.) On Saturday night before Easter, I got a little good news of my own. All week I'd been on the fast track of applying for pre-approval on a mortgage and bidding on my first home. At around 11 o'clock I got the call. Crazy.

Welcome to my house.

It looks like this on the inside.

Except, my fireplace is actually charcoal grey. I'd like to hang my Rebecca Miser on it. No flat screen TVs for me.

The floor wants this on it in black and white.

The bathroom wants these on it.

The dining room needs a change of light fixture from this glowing Frisbee thing . . .

to this.

Wouldn't this be a lovely banquette nestled next to the dining table? My table actually looks almost like the one in the above picture.

The rooftop has a terrace.

I'd like to turn it into something like this.
Until next time.