Thursday, June 14, 2007

Swishy ears

The baby fawn made it, and I was wrong about her age. She was only a few days old when her mom left her. My mom has seen her again on the porch that sits just before the edge of the greenbelt.

Who ever thought of such a thing as a greenbelt? They are grand and named well--snaking cricks, chalky, crumbling limestone rocks with loads of trees all around . . . Austin. So beautiful, my Austin. I went kayaking on Town Lake this weekend. We went to the spot I used to go to when I was a kid, right by where the Zilker train goes by. Little Gussy had to hop the tracks. He sat at the bow of the yellow boat, wondering why I was taking him somewhere strange again. But he liked it in the end and let his little ears swish in the wind.

Here is a poem.

burning bellies are tedious
and come out the blue

or a dream
that wasn't you.

someone else whispers secrets
to wide eyes

is it true!

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michy said...

que sweet!