Monday, July 25, 2005

Who Keep Up With Me Through My Blog

For those of you who keep up with me through my blog, I am presently watching the delectable "Dangerous Liaisons." I am presently getting dumber each day (from watching so much TV).
Things I would like to do if I found time:

1. Sit on a stone bench next to John Malkovich while his hair is tied in a limp black bow so as to feel dangerous.

2. Take French and Spanish while eating olives and drinking scads of wine.

Interruption for good quote from Miss Glenn Close:
"You'll find that shame is like pain--you'll only feel it once."

3. Find the Houston Opera (I'm detecting a theme).

4. Embroider.

5. Run a race.

6. Get a dacshund.

7. Buy a modern, energy-efficient, earth-friendly condo with a roof garden.

'nother quote
"Men enjoy the happiness they feel. We can only feel the happiness we give."

8. Scratch that. Build a roof garden.

9. Make pottery.

10. Pick up a book.

11. Drink tea.

12. On a blanket.

13. In the sun.

Enter Keanu Reeves. He's in this movie?

14. Paint on some canvass with acrylics on my fingers.

15. Be a joiner maybe, less of a shut-in.

Okay, so classes and clubs and general hobby suggestions are yours to give to me. If you are female, you should feel great happiness from this gesture. If you are a male, I will kiss you or hug you or something.


Lulu said...

I love this sh*t! and I love that I just got a laptop from work so ican work at home---and finally get back in touch when bebe permits me the use of my hands for anything other than holdin his sucklin head up to der boob- back to sistra! my mom & j are seasoon ticke holder to hgo i think- they go to theses cool lectures there all the time - let me know if something comes that you must see - I think mom sometmes needs a date- too awkward? I'm gonna work on some more suggestions - I always say - see whats happenin at the orange show! (www.theorangeshow.con , i think)

Lulu said...

hgo = houston grand opera

sistra said...

necesito your recipe for pasole. bought a bunch of poblanos today. thanks for that great suggestion.

go laptop and boob sucking. the two go hand-in-hand.


Lulu said...

Imust call you with it if its not too late...

michybrit said...

Um... hello.... three little words. Gu Sta Vo. The posse needs pics. Give the posse what it wants.