Wednesday, April 27, 2005

So I went to see the Enron movie last night. There were lots of guys in that movie. It brings to mind hazing, cliques, the social power of a clique, maybe just power. Was I born with the power gene? I want to be in control of my life, in charge of other people even, but I'm not turned on by power, more like efficiency, doing things the right way.

Basically I felt slime all over me for a good while after the movie, because I know people like the traders in the movie, like those guys in charge, their little macho clique that took extreme sports trips to feed man egos or lack thereof. I could recognize so many people represented by those in the movie.

The film actually spoke to that. According to a study conducted during the 60s, half of us are evil, half of us will shock someone to the death as long as a credible authoritive entity tells us to follow its order again and again. We acquiesce to that authority, as long as it's perceived to be in the mainstream. How powerful is the mainstream? My god. I hope some little sociologists will post on this one.

So half of us will give in, and take the chance to sock it to granny in California, cut off her electricity and drive the price up over and over again because we can. We can do it. We can make a lot of money too. But mostly it's just fun, like playing a video game, and we get a power trip.

I feel suspicious of my friends. Which ones fall in the wrong fifty? Which ones will shock me to death? Jeepers.

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